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GradInfo allows users with appropriate security to maintain and view information about every MSU graduate program, such as the program's faculty, guidance committee members for both Plan A master's students and doctoral students, as well as RCR, Ph.D. Plans and placement data for graduate students.

System Owner: Dr. Thomas D. Jeitscko, Dean of The Graduate School (

Problems, issues and questions

General system questions about GradInfo:
Help documents for GradInfo as well as GradPlan are available from the "Help" link at the top right of the GradInfo screen after login.
Technical support (i.e. a faculty member not appearing on the "Add Committee Members" page after entering the name, MsuNetID, or Zpid):
Contact the MSU IT Service Desk (
A (non-regular) faculty member does not appear on the "approved" list of individuals who can serve on committees for your program:
See procedures for approving non-tenured committee members: Or contact Melissa Del Rio in the Grad School (
Mistake entering committee members:
Contact Melissa Del Rio in the Grad School (
A student's data in GradInfo appears to have an error (i.e. major, enrollment terms, degrees awarded or time frame, etc):
Contact the Registrar's Office (, since all student data come from SIS.
General data analysis questions:
Contact Irene Weber in the Office of Planning and Budgets (
GradInfo training sessions:
Will be conducted in the fall and spring semesters by the Graduate School. Please contact Melissa Del Rio ( or Deanne Hubbell (
Accessability issues (i.e. screen reader or magnifier problems):
Contact the MSU IT Service Desk by e-mail at or by calling (517) 432-6200.
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You are required to complete FERPA training for access to GradInfo.