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Sentinel Single Sign-On Logout

You have successfully logged out of Sentinel Single Sign-On. Your Sentinel Single Sign-On identity has been removed from this browser window. You will be required to login when returning to any Sentinel Single Sign-On enabled application.

Commonly Asked Questions

SSO Identity removed at 06/30/2015 5:58:28 AM

What is Sentinel Single Sign-On?

Sentinel SSO is a service provided by Administrative Information Services Sentinel security application, which allows participating applications to benefit from a common login. When a user logs into a Sentinel SSO participating application, an identity is created and shared with other Sentinel SSO participating applications so that you are able to bypass the login process.

Is Sentinel Single Sign-On Secure?

Yes. Sentinel SSO uses the same security authorizations used with traditional non-SSO login processes.

Do users need to do anything special when using Sentinel SSO enabled applications?

If you leave your work area, you should lock your workstation, log out of Sentinel SSO, or close your browser window that was used for a Sentinel SSO participating application. Leaving your workstation without doing so, risks someone else using your identity and your security authorizations. Sentinel SSO will eventually time out after a few hours of inactivity.

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